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Ez Accountings Solutions Bookkeeping Services

Adequate Bookkeeping is one of the foundations of a business. This is not only important for tax and compliance purpose, this also provides insights into the operations of the business. It requires discipline and technical skills. For smaller business set up without limited or no dedicated resources for bookkeeping, things can get really messy. This can be expensive and time waster for the management. We offer flexible, cost effective bookkeeping services which frees up a lot of management time. This means they can focus more on what is important, the underlying business.

Ez Accountings Solutions Business Start-up Services:

Starting a new business requires courage, careful planning, passion and commitment. Whilst the future can be really rewarding, you are most likely to go through a challenging and demanding initial phase. This is where we provide proactive support to our clients. We are a small business specialists. Based on our experience with start ups, we have developed practical tools, forms, process and templates. Our proactive services in this area ensures that our clients make educated and informed decisions, fully ready for the challenge.

How EZ Accounting Solutions Can Help You

At EZ Accounting Solutions, we understand that is it can be an overwhelming challenge for a participant to transitioning to the NDIS. That’s why we are here to help you with:

  • Working out how to implement your plan, how to get things underway
  • Understanding the support budgets that you have been given
  • Organising providers and supports
  • Budgeting for services and supports over the entirety of your plan
  • Determining what are reasonable and necessary supports for you